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I am YOUR Mistress!
I am YOUR Mistress!

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I don't want to be rude and so introduce myself to you. Get down on your knees! You have no business being on my level! I am Lady Zora! YOUR NEW MISTRESS! My specialties are foot dominance, the assignment of tasks to my useless slaves and, above all, verbal humiliation! I like to inflict psychological damage but also physical damage. I would like to whip slaves like YOU for the rest of my life! What is going on down there? You look intimidated... Hahah! Your little worm looks like I've already done something to you. Then how will it be when I really use you and hurt you? There's no mercy for you here, NO! I will humiliate and use you. There's no way around it because you are right here at my feet and from now on you can never leave. Say goodbye to your old life, because your new life begins with me, your mistress Lady Zora, right here, right now! Will you be my good and subserviant slave? Will you be used by me until nothing is left? Send me your fantasies and experiences and I will lead you to the next level. I have a wide range of humiliation techniques and I guarantee I the right one for you! Once you have come to me there is no going back. Come on, don't hesitate, write to me NOW!